Future Imperfect

by Ryako

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The "Future Imperfect" EP is Nerdcore rap mixed with elements of rock, metal, and politics.


released November 19, 2018

Written, produced, performed, recorded, and mastered by Mel Ciriaco
Booklet and photos by David Alliet


all rights reserved



Ryako Bruges, Belgium

Ryako is an Asian-American-Belgian who has lived on three continents, but has settled in Brugge, Belgium. She is a massive geek and loves cats, especially her three-legged pal, Chubs. She writes, produces, performs, and records all her own stuff and enjoys playing with genres. Coffee is her fuel of choice. Mr. Bootsock, the double-faced cat, is her spirit animal. ... more

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Track Name: Future Imperfect
The future feels so cryptic
The post-apocalyptic
We were too optimistic
Our great leaders so sadistic
It’s tweeted in our faces
War of classes, war of races
Lawsuits and these civil cases
Unsafe in our own workplaces
I cannot see the dawn
I can’t believe what’s going on
We’re trapped inside a Twilight Zone
Our sanity is almost gone
And all these psychos want to do
Is watch the world burn
As we let them lead us blindly
Past the point of no return

We will have not seen the end of the world
If we could see the future, will we see what is coming?
Will we see the horizon when the world burns around us?
If we could see the future, the future imperfect

They’re trying to keep us silent
They’re trying to keep us fighting
They want us split apart so none of us are left surviving
They’re trying to keep us busy
With meaningless distractions
So we can’t hold them all accountable for stupid actions

And when we criticize
They talk about rights and look in our eyes
And try to convince us that they all sympathize
But everything out of their mouths is a lie
It wasn’t your fault an innocent died?
It wasn’t you breeding the hatred inside?
It wasn’t you trying to cause a divide
Of racism, ignorance, malice and pride?


If we could see the future, the future imperfect (X4)

If we could see the future, the future imperfect (x3)
Track Name: Eat Me
New York, New York
40 million population
Should we try to make room?
People sleeping on the stairs
Every day, a heat wave
You can call them “furniture”
But everybody knows that these women are sex slaves

Everybody’s hungry
Except for those with money
What happened to this land of mine?
The streets were paved with gold
It rained milk and honey
Now the streets are filled with bodies
We’re covered in pollution
We begged the government for food
And this is what they gave us as a fucking solution

Oh, say goodbye to humanity!
Don’t you know your body is a good source of protein?
Feed the living with the dead
Grind their bones to make the bread
Kiss me, kill me, cook me, eat me
Kiss me, kill me, cook me, eat me
Yes, we make mighty fine cannibals!
Breed us for the meat
We are cattle, we are animals
We won’t let your corpse rot
Waste not and you’ll want not
Kiss me, kill me, cook me, eat me
Kiss me, kill me, cook me, eat me

Riots in the streets
Nothing left to eat
Nothing left to do but die
Die and you become meat
A long, long time ago
This world was beautiful
It was a land of plenty
Then we went and fucked it up
And we said we weren’t responsible

We took it all for granted
And now we’re paying the price
We let our earth become dust
We lost our paradise
And so we struggle with the truth
That we are now barely human
We left our hearts in the gutter
We left our souls in ruin


The average man needs 2500 calories per day in order to maintain his weight
The average male cadaver yields 81,500 calories
Enough to sustain a person for a month
How did we come to this? (x4)

Track Name: Furiosa
People are dying
They’re tired and thirsty
Wanna drink the water
But I’m scared it’ll hurt me
It’s not a drug
I’m not a child
We are not things
Played with our lives
It was all about the money

You make me sick
You’re like a walking cancer
Screwed us like dogs
And made us clean up after
Schlanger-eatin’ smeg
Rip the crown off your head
Muy peligrosa
Fucking Furiosa

You make me furious
Witness me

Into the storm
We ride into victory
If I should fall in this fire
Remember me
This is a war
We will tear down your tyranny
Stick it to the man
Watch him cry out in agony

Who killed the world?
It was you and your minions
Masturbating in a flood
Of ego and opinions
You never held the sun
You never even came close
You can kiss my chocha
Fucking Furiosa

This is a Fury Road
But it’s a road to redemption
I shall not fear the inferno
Or the impending combustion
And I shall ride into Valhalla
I will not let you own me
And if I go down, I go down
Covered in the sweat and the blood of my enemies

And when I die, I live again
And when I die, I live again
And when I die, I live
I live, I live, I live again

Witness me

Track Name: Sanctuary
You call yourself human
Well, you have no idea
What it is to walk in my shoes
What it cost me just to be here
How I paid with my dignity
How I sacrificed
How I had the chance to fuck shit up
I promised myself I would always be nice

But you pushed me away
And you fed me a line
That you would give me a refuge
But it was District 9
I have a slum for a city
And I have nothing of my own
I had no choice but to stay put
I wish I could go home

All I seek is refuge
All I seek is sanctuary
You don’t have to fear me
You don’t have to be wary
You don’t need to hurt me
You don’t need the military
All I seek is refuge
All I seek is sanctuary

You shoot us if we’re bad
You shoot us if we’re good
You’d wipe us from existence
If you actually could
You’d rather see us dead
Than part of your nation
It’s hatred, xenophobia, and social segregation
Stick us in a ghetto
Just to keep us poor
And then you all complain
About us not doing more
More for the country
More for the economy
You have made us scavengers
Cut the arm to spite the body

Treat me like an animal
I’ll act like one
Staring down the barrel of your MNU gun
Act like it’s our fault we can’t fucking integrate
View us as filth
Like we had a choice to emigrate
You think we’re stupid
We just prawns
We just pawns
We just living beings trying to all get along
All you wanna do is make us disappear
If the world were a better place
We wouldn’t even be here


Don’t you know we want the same things?
We just want to live and breathe free
Wanna live a life without oppression
Without feeling like you hate me
Don’t you want the same things? (x6)
Wanna live a life without oppression
Without feeling like you hate me


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